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Holistic Face Yoga 

We see, feel and tend to our facial skin and complexion every day.


Sometimes we might see or feel that it needs some TLC - to better cope with summer warmth and sunshine or, colder, winter weather.

As our complexion matures we might add products into our skincare regime and perhaps a conditioning facial.

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Face Yoga can bring another dimension to the health and radiance of our skin and complexion.

For example, sore eyes from screens or tightness in our forehead and jaw can all be soothed and relaxed any time of day and with tension eased we can feel better and brighter.

With a life long love of skin care and dabbling in facial exercises over the years, I built Face Yoga into my wellbeing routine and now practice regularly. I love energising and waking up my face in the morning,  brightening my eyes, seeing lift, tone and vibrancy and, soothing away daily tensions in the evening. 

Now well into midlife myself, Face Yoga is firmly part of my wellbeing practice and I love to teach Face Yoga, helping women reap results themselves, to take care of their wellbeing and beautifully maturing complexion. 


Take time for YOU to learn, enjoy and see and feel the benefits of holistic Face Yoga

Coming soon - 4 weeks to a more revitalised skin and complexion

Holistic Face Yoga Classes

Learn How You Can:

  • Plump collagen and elastin

  • Remove toxins and reduce puffiness

  • Tone muscles 

  • Reduce tension

  • Smooth lines and wrinkles

  • Feed your skin and complexion from the inside with good nutrition and from the outside with good skincare and protection.

Reveal a healthier, more toned, energised, smoother and lifted complexion.


  • Be confident in your full face yoga routine.

  • Know how to nourish and protect your complexion.

  • See and feel the benefits of continuing to practice Face Yoga as part of your daily Personal Wellbeing Practice.

  • Reap the benefit of time for you each day.

  • Support and nourish our skin and aid general wellbeing through natural plant and essential oils.

Learn your Face Yoga routine that can slot into your personal wellbeing practice simply and easily. 

Why Classes?

  • You’ll learn and be guided by me, a qualified Face Yoga Instructor.

  • You’ll get the techniques right, from the start.

  • You’ll practice daily so it nicely embeds into your muscle memory.

  • You'll feel more rested and relaxed for the end of your day.

  • Your skin will be prepped for overnight repair.

  • You'll get tips and techniques for skin health.


  • You can ask me questions.

  • You're in the comfort of your own home.

  • You could join with a friend, sister, mum or share in your experiences.

Easy, enjoyable routines

Fitting with you

Seeing and feeling the benefits

When we see and feel the results of anything we do, it's easy to embrace it.

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Yoga & Pilates teachers - if you would like to host a Holistic Face Yoga Class or Workshop for your members, I'd love to chat.