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YOU are important and deserving of your attention

Wellbeing for Women

Feel, Look and BE your best

BE a woman in midlife for whom 2021 is the year where you move into and through midlife healthily, confidently, energetically and beautifully, living life to the full in the way that you want to.

I'd love to reach more women, to inspire them to connect with themselves, take time for their own wellbeing and introduce changes that can yield results and support their way of being and way of life. My workshops and classes are one way and because...

Taking care of ourselves is a fundamental necessity, it isn’t an indulgence, nor something we are forced to do because something has gone wrong.

Taking care of ourselves protects our physical and psychological wellbeing so we can better navigate ups and downs, be present for ourselves and for the precious people in our lives.


Taking care of ourselves no matter what, acknowledging that we can sit at the top of our ‘to do’ list.

Workshops & Classes - New Dates Will Be Published Soon 
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Holistic Face Yoga Classes

4 weeks to a more energised, revitalised, and glowing complexion

Learn How We Can:

Plump collagen and elastin

Remove toxins and reduce puffiness

Tone muscles 

Reduce tension

Smooth lines and wrinkles

Feed our skin and complexion from the inside with good nutrition and from the outside with good skincare and protection.

Support and nourish our skin and aid general wellbeing through natural plant and essential oils.

Reveal a healthier, more toned, energised, smoother and lifted complexion.


Be confident in your full face yoga routine.

Know how to nourish and protect your complexion.

See and feel the benefits of continuing to practice Face Yoga as part of your daily Personal Wellbeing Practice.

Reap the benefit of time for you each day.


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