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I also appreciate that being able to explore how complementary therapies can be supportive for women's wellbeing in midlife, and to experience this in a more gradual way is sometimes preferred.

For example:

 - Aromatherapy and massage to help ease stress, tension and fatigue. To enhance relaxation, to calm and rejuvenate.

 - Energy Therapy to help with stress, focus, clarity and personal challenges.

 - Facial Therapy

- to experience how plant and essential oils support and nurture our skin.

- to support your complexion, facial tone and overall wellbeing with advanced massage, acupressure and facial yoga.


We have a complimentary chat [pre-consultation] so we both understand what you want to get from one or more sessions.

We agree what your sessions will involve and schedule a full consultation and treatment appointment.

Let’s have a chat and explore how I can help...

N hourglass blue roy-muz-kb-ck1Y-KtY-uns