I'm a huge fan of science, evidence, studies and tests - this all helps us to know what works, over what's popular or on trend. Here you'll find links to trusted resources and articles, and I share my own knowledge and perspectives about personal wellbeing and taking care of ourselves.


The menopause has come into sharp focus in recent years, with thanks to Dr Louise Newson and experts in the field. Today there are many resources available to help and support women - here's a selection of trusted resources: 

 If things are feeling out of kilter, I offer a complimentary  45 minute, online wellbeing chat.


We can talk about midlife changes, where you are, what's going on for you and see if there are simple changes you could look at to help your personal wellbeing at this time. I may also suggest services/resources that you can further explore.


FOOD - it's importance and our relationship with it is a huge subject.


There's so much information about nutrition and diet - fantastic on the one hand yet it can be overwhelming. Over the years I've played around and experimented with food and various diets and also experienced the emotional connection at times, especially with sugar.

Getting back to basics and focusing on the foundations and fundamentals of nutrition and healthy eating that you enjoy and which fits with your lifestyle, is easier than you think.    

If you enjoy time out with podcasts as I do, have a listen with Jackie Lynch, Registered Nutritional Therapist, who hosts The Happy Menopause. She shares her own expertise and has some super guests. 


The Happy Menopause on Spotify   


SLEEP - alongside food, sleep is a 'wellbeing 101'. Sleep and food are intertwined. In my experience getting nutrition and food right can can go a long way to improving our sleep. On top, there are other things we can do to gift ourselves better sleep and reap the personal wellbeing benefits each day - in how we feel, how we look, how we perform and function.


Here's the sleep science from Professor Matthew Walker - Sleep Diplomat

AROMATHERAPY - Lavender Angustifolia is a well known and well researched essential oil. It has many therapeutic properties and being calming and sedative it can be a super sleep aid by simply inhaling the aroma.


I often prepare customised blends where Lavender is a component as it blends well with other essential oils to produce an optimum therapeutic effect.  

There are many studies and evidence demonstrating the postitive support essential oils can bring both physiologically and psychologically. I'll pop these here from time to time. 

For now, here's a simple slide from a presentation I gave about stress, sleep and mood and essential oils: Spotlight

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