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Taking care of ourselves is a fundamental necessity, it isn’t an indulgence, nor something we are forced to do because something has gone wrong.

Taking care of ourselves protects our physical and psychological wellbeing so we can better navigate ups and downs, be present for ourselves and for the precious people in our lives.

Taking care of ourselves no matter what, acknowledging that we can sit at the top of our ‘to do’ list.

A little personal insight...

I've come to take care of myself in a way that fits my way of being and way of life.

Finding my 'flow' is a good place for me, so is regular reflecting and seeing different perspectives - a way of understanding 'stuff' and finding my place, path and peace with things. 

Keeping it simple and connecting with foundations and fundamentals - not necessarily what's popular and current, but what makes sense.

Positive thinking, reflection and optimism have helped to support me through ups and downs, and knowing I have choice and can bring about the changes that mean something to me and my wellbeing.

In simple terms...

Good nutrition and good sleep are my wellbeing 101's

My exercise of choice is Pilates

My diet is functional, as fuel for my body and mind

I apply the 80/20 rule - and therefore enjoy the 'sweeter' things in life....!

It's no surprise that stress, sleep, mood and food became my focus for health and wellbeing...... !


When stress, sleep, mood and food are out of kilter, we know it, we feel it, we see it.

  • Feeling stressed can mean poor food choices.

  • Poor food choices can mean poor sleep and difficulty dealing with stress.

  • Poor sleep can mean fatigue, low mood and poor food choices!

Mood swings, stress, not sleeping well, not eating well – ongoing it plays havoc with how we feel, look and cope day to day.

With  Stress, Sleep, Mood and Food in balance and working for us, we can feel, look and BE our best.

My work now as a Complementary Therapist focuses on helping women achieve optimum health and wellbeing - seeing and feeling energy, focus, balance, harmony, beauty and confidence - and entering midlife with joie de vivre...!


Aromatherapy can be defined as the ancient art and science of blending naturally extracted essential oils from aromatic plants to balance, harmonise and promote  the health of body, mind and spirit.

Improving physical and emotional wellbeing, essential oils have been used for centuries.

Each essential oil possesses its own unique chemical components and distinct therapeutic healing property. 


When inhaled and absorbed by the skin they produce a particular effect that’s healing for the body and mind -  on their own and combined with gentle, flowing massage, essential oils can help with stress, tension, sleep, mood, fatigue and more.

Spa and Wellness

 - Invigorating, energising and uplifting.

 - Soothing, calming and relaxing.

 - Restoring  body, mind and emotions.​

Derived from the Greek word ‘holos’ meaning whole, aromatherapy considers each person individually, in the context of their environment and lifestyle, helping them to improve their own health and restore their body’s equilibrium.

Aromatherapy is tailored for your wellbeing needs and aims.

Take time for YOU and experience the joy of Aromatherapy 



Good nutrition is essential for physical and psychological health and wellbeing.

Good nutrition can transform how you feel and how well you cope each and every day.

 - Helping you to sleep better, have more energy, to stay focused, and have more balanced mood and emotions - all helping you to better deal with stress.​

​ - Helping you to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

Green Goodness

  - BUILD sound, enjoyable whole food nutrition. 


 - ELIMINATE  food that isn't serving you well.

 - REMOVE unnecessary sugar and processed foods from your diet.

 - SIMPLIFY meal planning and preparation that fits with your lifestyle.  

Everyone is helped enormously by eating a balanced diet of whole foods and nutrients that help keep our body and mind fuelled.

Connecting with the FOUNDATIONS and FUNDAMENTALS of eating healthily you can:

Achieving good nutrition and making healthy food choices a way of life is made easier by starting, and experiencing how well you feel.  


A healthy skin and complexion are supported by taking care of ourselves, good nutrition and good skincare. Plus, nature’s gifts from plant oils are amazing skin fuel, helping to rejuvenate and protect our complexion.

As we age our collagen, elastin and muscle changes. Skin can become troublesome, perhaps drier and dehydrated, and we experience wrinkles and loss of tone.

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My facials are designed to revitalise and rejuvenate your complexion. 

Harnessing the restorative nature of plant and essential oils alongside a combination of advanced massage techniques and acupressure to reduce puffiness, smooth, plump and release tension and stress - both you and your complexion look and feel rested, relaxed and rejuvenated. 



Learn how to harness the power of your own hands with facial exercise and massage,


Not only easing tension and stress carried in our face, head, neck and shoulders, circulation and toxin removal is improved and muscles are strengthened.

 Exercise  increases blood circulation, bringing oxygen and nourishment to reveal a healthy, glowing complexion.  

Massage specifically aims to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, helping to reveal a smoother, more supple and tighter-looking skin.

You'll see and feel a difference straight away and regular practice brings longer term changes - you'll start to notice you have less fine lines, less tension and you will look healthier, more energised and feel rested in mind and body.

We benefit from a firmer, vibrant and healthier looking complexion and overall feelings of wellbeing from the holistic elements of Face Yoga.

ENERGY THERAPY [Emotional Freedom Techniques]

Energy Therapy helps to promote the healing of emotional issues that may be holding us back from success and from living the life we want to.

At times of change there can sometimes be a crisis of confidence that thwarts our aims and progress.

Sometimes we look for extra help to ease stress, to reduce feelings of overwhelm, gain clarity or lessen a muddled mind and overthinking.

Emotional Freedom Technques can be a powerful self-help tool to incorporate into personal wellbeing, helping in times of challenge and stress and to find our way from being 'stuck' to moving forward. 


Energy Therapy can encourage self-belief and accelerate personal change and growth.


I will help you to develop a positive personal wellbeing approach, encouraging fresh routines and new habits so that you feel empowered to gift yourself a place at the top of your 'to do' list.

How we feel and how we look can be intertwined...

Feel beautiful inside and out.


"I was feeling worn out, stressed, unable to unwind and with little time or interest in my diet.

Barbara Ann helped me find where the problems lay. She helped me to manage stress and gain more energy and focus in my life through relaxation and sleeping better. I am now in control of my diet, eating healthily and losing the excess weight which has plagued me for so long. Barbara Ann’s support is multi-faceted. I have long wanted to improve my mature skin and the muscle tone in my face. I adore her facial oil and find the personal facial yoga and skin care has made a real difference.

I am on the road to a new me…..I feel in the prime of my life"  Diane.