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My Journey

I focused on feeling, looking and being well around my mid-40s. A tricky time when I wasn’t feeling or functioning right and my every day seemed harder to handle.

I realised my wellbeing and time for me had to get on my ‘to do’ list, and not be something I tended to after everything else.

Forming a positive mindset, changing habits and drawing upon supportive strategies meant I moved forward from much that was getting in my way, into a place of health and vitality that I’d not felt for some years.

Several years on, with me reaping the benefits of my Personal Wellbeing Practice I left my corporate role, re-married, re-located and connected with my passions and earlier learnings.

I then trained in what might seem like an eclectic mix of therapies that I have come to love and respect and which, in their own unique way, help to improve and support our wellbeing.

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My Personal Wellbeing page gives some more insight into what I changed, how and why, along with information about the therapies themselves and how they can support us into and through midlife.


To strive for excellence in my understanding and help for women with each at the heart of my practice, and to deliver the best possible service to my clients.


  • To be valued as a trusted and honest practitioner.

  • To value everyone as a unique, capable and beautiful human being, each with their own perspective on life.

  • To be compassionate towards others who are in difficulty, ensuring their best interests are at heart.


"I am so grateful to have worked with Barbara Ann as she helped me transform some long-standing concerns that were proving difficult to change.  I love Barbara Ann's gentle and thoughtful approach and am impressed with her keen intuition and skill at asking the right questions at the right time.  Her knowledge and expertise helped me uncover aspects that kept me from being healthy and moving forward in my life and guided me to change deeply embedded behaviours with success. I cannot say enough about Barbara Ann’s coaching and highly recommend her if you’re ready to increase your health and wellbeing and make lasting positive change".  Joan.