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 Women's Wellbeing 


Hello and Welcome

Please be assured that your physical and emotional safety is a priority - visit my Staying Safe page

I love helping women on their personal journey into and through midlife,

feeling their best, looking their best and being their best.

Understanding midlife, the perimenopause and menopause is much easier than it was with medical leaders, influencers and evidence to thank.

We know it can affect us physically and emotionally to varying degrees - disturbed sleep, mental fatigue, low energy, low mood, tiredness, hot flushes - just a flavour of what can come our way, bringing with them feelings of stress and overwhelm.

Importantly, it can be a time of realisation that our own wellbeing matters and deserves our time and attention.

I invite you to hop to my Personal Wellbeing page for more about my work and complementary therapies for women’s wellbeing.

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"self-care is not self-indulgent….
it is a necessity…"


If we invest in ourselves on a physical, emotional and spiritual level so that our body, mind and emotions are in balance and cared for, we can be the best version of ourselves.

Although midlife is often marked by ‘an age’, what’s important is that we don’t define ourselves by age, or by a period in time but see ourselves as who we are - wonderfully, beautifully and confidently ‘ageless’.

If we typically sleep for 8 hours a night, there are 6,720 waking minutes a week.

Take time for YOU